Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Sleeping Experiement - Day 3

Victory! Or is it Success!

Looks like the studies that kids can pick up habits in three days is true.

Last night Gilbert slept on the bed the whole night! Only one shout out at 10pm from what appears to have been a bad dream. Otherwise all good. He also slept for a two hour nap - again on the bed!

Not once has he awoke during a nap or at night to play with toys, read books, turn on his stereo (yes, he has discovered how to hit PLAY) or simply to mess around.

This morning I got up for my shower and check the monitor. Still in bed. Got out of the shower (usually he is up by now) and noticed he was off bed, but snuggled in amongst the big pillows that still protect him from rolling off in his sleep. I didn't bother him, but an hour later when he was still asleep, I was a bit worried so I checked in on him.

He was so snuggled in, no wonder he was still asleep. Little Man had wedged himself between the pillows and the bed while hugging his blanket and the pillow. Talk about being all cozy and warm. Only problem occurred when he did wake up. His body had rolled under the bed and he was stuck!

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Georgia Evenson said...

I haven't been on your site for the longest time and I can't believe how big Gilbert has gotten and God is he cute! I especially love the black and white photos from a few days ago. Sending you all - tons of hugs! Love Gammy