Saturday, March 7, 2009

Gilbert's Sleeping Experiment

This morning we attended a seminar at the Montessori Academy of Chicago. The program covered how parents could bring aspects of the school into the home. It was thought provoking. We we pleased that many of the elements used at the school are done to various extents already.
One of the overriding themes was independence for the child. A good example the school employs is the belief in not using cribs, but rather low beds or even just a mattress on the floor! The belief is often kids are ready to get up, but because they are confined to the crib they call out, cry, yell, whatever to get your attention. Whereas if they are free to climb in and out they will entertain themselves. Often playing for a bit and then returning back to bed!

Now, Gilbert sleeps like a champ. We don't have the issues of him waking up at night, but in the morning when we wish he would sleep an extra 1/2 hour he's at the corner of the crib by the door yelling for us. If the crib was converted into the low bed that it can be, we wonder would if he would quietly play giving us some extra sleep time?

Well, we are going to find out! Upon returning from the seminar, I took down the outer wall of the crib. Little Man decided the three walls were perfect for jumping!

By the end of the day all four sides were down. Gilbert immediately climbed into the bed with a book! Right now Little Man is sleeping so the first test of the experiment will come once he begins to stir from his slumber. Stay tuned!

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