Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Day At The Zoo

Team Johnson took advantage of the pseudo-warm weather and visited the Lincoln Park Zoo. I write pseudo, as the sun was out and when we looked out our windows we witnessed people not bundled up. Fools! When we got out of our car at the zoo, the wind was kickin' and the temp not so warm - especially in the shade!
The zoo was packed with families! And for once all the animals were out and about. Too often when I go, the animals are off exhibit or sleeping. Not this time! The lions were sun bathing and Gilbert just stared in amazement. His eyes were so big with wonderment. Ask him where the lion is, he would immediately thrust his hand out in the direction of the beasts.
From there, we went in to the cat house where a beautiful jaguar was resting and a leopard paced its space. Outside, Gilbert was in a trance as a puma was playing right in front of him (through the fence of course). It was clear from his face that he was in awe of seeing these beautiful animals up close.
After the zoo, we walked across the street to a nearby park, and he was off and playing. Climbing, scaling, you name it! And then he discovered mulch!

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