Sunday, March 29, 2009


Gilbert has been sick for the past week. He's had a lingering cough that as it seemed to subside, a fever arrived.
The early signs showed up early in the week. Kristen and Gilbert went to the Lincoln Park zoo on Wednesday for sing-along and you can see he is was starting not to feel good.

In all the times we've checked his temperature, this was the first time he actually registered a fever (100+ degrees). That told us Gilbert really wasn't feeling good. Then a rash broke out over his chest and back. Add in teething for the last two teeth in his mouth and we had the recipe for a very unhappy Little Man.

On Saturday we just relaxed and watched March Madness. Gilbert settled in next to Kristen with hands behind his head and having his belly rubbed. Talk about being comforted!

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Sarah said...

That face just makes me want to give Gilbert a great big hug! Feel better Gilbert!