Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Crony Cup

I just received my invitation to play in the 10th annual Crony Cup! Oh yeah!

The Crony was started by two buddies that played golf together at Purdue. It is a Ryder Cup style golf tournament that takes place every summer in Indianapolis area. One of the founder's wife is a childhood friend of Kristen's over time I became good friends with them and the lot of guys that play in the Crony. In fact, a core group all played golf at Purdue so you get a sense of the caliber of golf so when I was given the opportunity to be a part of the Crony I jumped on it!

It is probably obvious, but I love golf. Played it as a kid, through high school and in college. Now a citizen of the real world, I play less than ever. The Crony gives me focus and is the pinnacle of my summer in terms of golf.

This is our tenth year and it promises to be memorable (like the others aren't!). No, it is not a guys golf and drink fest. The ladies drink too!

Now that the venue is set, it is time to think about golf. If only the damn weather would warm up!

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