Monday, March 16, 2009

For The Record

The mess you see in these pictures was not created by Gilbert. Nope. I'm the messy one!

Gilbert has gone a food strike in relation to green veggies. He use to eat peas and broccoli (never green beans), but now adamantly refuses to eat it. Trick him into putting either in his mouth and he quickly realizes the dupe and will just open his mouth, stick out his tongue and push the food out. I find this to be quite irritating!

So, I'm back to pureeing the greens. Last night I did peas. They were cooling on the counter in a container (lid just sitting on the top for venting) and in preparation for bed, went into the kitchen to put the peas on the fridge. My superior dexterity failed me as I attempted in one smooth motion to pick up the container and press the lid down with the same hand. Instead I lost my grip and the peas fell to the floor. The result? A CSI-like blood splatter!
Kristen was kind enough to help clean up as she chided me throughout!

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