Sunday, March 8, 2009

Gilbert's Sleeping Experiement Day 1 - The Day After

last night was the first night Gilbert slept in his 'big boy' bed. Overall the experience went well. As a precaution, we laid pillows on the floor next to the bed in case he tumbled out. Gilbert likes to "top rope" it his crib. He'll stand in a corner with arms spread holding on to the sides of a crib - much like a boxer or wrestler waiting to pounce - and then without notice spring into his blanket wherever it may be in the crib. Our concern was (and still is) he'd pull this maneuver and just bounce right off the bed and onto the floor! He also likes to snuggle up in a corner or against the side rails.

So, we're watching him on the video monitor settle in to bed and sure enough he moves close to the edge of the bed and in his usual manner looks to nestle up to the side rail when, oops!, he tumbled feet over head out of the bed and onto the pillows! Instead of jumping up to go help, we restrained ourselves. Gilbert ended up sitting upright on the floor - dazed I'm sure being half asleep - surveyed his current situation and climbed back into bed! Hooray, Little Man!

He quickly settled in and went to sleep. He did seem to shift a lot so perhaps he was a bit unsettled with the new openness. He slept throughout the night without any 'shout outs'. Kristen didn't sleep well, perhaps worried for her little baby that to her dismay is growing up so fast! She did wake after midnight, turned on the video to find Gilbert sleeping on the floor amongst the pillows. She deposited him back and bed without incident.

The real test came in the morning. He woke around his usual time (6 - 6:30). Typically he'll roll around to wake up and chatter. Once done, he moves to the door side of the crib and begins to let us know he's ready.

Not this morning! With the sides down, he reached over to the night stand and began to read books that were left there for him in the morning. He did this for at least fifteen minutes. After exhausting his reading, he climbed down from the bed and quietly went over to play with his toys! No shouting for mama or dada. I was ready to get up and quietly walked into the room. He had just turned on his stereo (a new discovery this week) and was holding the side of the bookshelf while he danced.

Day 1 = Success!

UPDATE: Gilbert is a little grumpy today. Perhaps he didn't sleep as soundly as he is used to due to the new bed. That or he's grumpy because the weather BLOWS!

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Sarah said...

I think it's the weather making him grumpy along with everyone else! Way to go Gilbert---I can't believe he's in a big boy bed already!