Monday, March 9, 2009

The Sleeping Experiement - Day 2

Yesterday and night were a challenge. Gilbert did not want to nap. I'm not sure it was because the bed was now open. The hour shift in daylight savings time and the fact he was just wired only compounded the situation.

He wanted to fall asleep, but just couldn't settle. He would crawl down try to sleep on the floor, but then would be up and about. Finally, he had had enough and it was on with our day.

As for the night, he did sleep, but we found him often on the floor snuggled up in the big pillows or on Porter - his oversized stuff animal. We'd put him on the bed and he would stay asleep. So, the question of the day is..."Is he rolling off and then just staying on the floor or is he climbing down?"

His room is extremely dark and Kristen thinks he's disoriented because he can not locate the bed or his blanket in some instances. Perhaps a night light will help solve that challenge.

Conventional thinking says kids can pick up new habits in three days. We'll see!

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