Saturday, August 28, 2010

Snake Eyes

Well, it seems Little Man now likes goggles. Nothing like peer pressure to get him to accept new things!

This is good as we are heading north to a water park in WI for a fun weekend before the Labor Day shuts down the outside water parks. Should have some fun pictures to share!

Pool Play Date

Last weekend we had a play date. Gilbert and his classmate are a bit 'sweet' on each other so we figured let's have a play date! Her parents have a pool in their complex so it made for a perfect, fun afternoon.

E is a fish! No swim lessons and yet she can do it all by herself. Gilbert not to be outdone - or at least attempted to catch up - showed some good progress of wanting to be on his own. First time for the water wings and he did great!

Her parents mentioned E made big leaps when she started wearing goggles and they got her a kick board for toddlers. Sounds like a plan for Team Johnson. Should be interesting as Little Man has shown no interest with goggles or had any desire to put stuff on his face.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sad Good Bye

On Friday Gilbert said good bye to his first teacher at the Montessori Academy of Chicago. Miss Anca is returning to her home (Romania) to be with her family and has plans on starting a school of her own.

Gilbert loved Miss Anca and all of the assistants from his first class. Even still he will come home from school and tell us that he saw Miss Georgie or Miss Asha. We wish Miss Anca the best!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Can't catch me

I thought G looked so "Stinkin' Cute" (to quote a line from Suzanne) in his swimsuit and hoodie, that I wanted a photo. Gilbert used this opportunity to run around the condo screaming " you can't catch me- mom!" We had a good laugh and some fun action shots.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It was brought to my attention...

that the tagline for the blog should change. Indeed! Now that Kristen is actively blogging, Little Man is now no longer just my blog, it is OUR BLOG (phew!).

Dancing G

More from that night in. Gilbert was feeling the groove bone. Another 70's song - Leo Sayer's You Make Me Feel Like Dancing - and Little Man was up and grooving.

He thought Leo sounded like Elmo though and departed the dance floor to find Elmo!

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Igloo

During our recent trip to Ikea we picked up a tent, er, Igloo for Gilbert. Thinking ahead of fun things to do during those grey, cold days, we thought a little in-house getaway would be fun.

Of course Little Man insisted the igloo go up immediately and that first night he was obstinent in wanting to sleep in it. After some adjustment he fell asleep and we snuck back in to take this photo.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ringo the Flamingo

Funny story. This past Friday we were just haning out as a family doing odds and ends. Gilbert wanted to build puzzles so we were working with him while I had music playing.

At a recent birthday party at Pump It Up, his gift bag included a rubber flamingo. Little Man has been enjoying playing with it and saying 'flamingo'.

Anyway, we were listening to '70's music when a song by Ringo Starr came on. Kristen asked the name so I said Ringo. Gilbert stood up ran into his room and brought out the flamingo thinking that is what I said. So, now his flamingo is known as Ringo, "Ringo the Flamingo."

It gets better. He was starting to tire and didn't want to finish his puzzle. I suggested Ringo could help when he deadpan said, "No, dad. Ringo doesn't have any arms." My bad!


Gilbert is learning to stretch his boundaries as it relates to gravitational pull. At the outdoor wedding last weekend he was fixated on walking back and forth along a stone wall. Eventually he wanted to starting jumping off of it!

Fun with Jasper

After the wedding we headed to my brother and sister-in-laws for the rest of the weekend. The boys love playing together, and we can already tell that when they get a little older they will get into all kinds of trouble together.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

No time to wait

G and I had just gotten home from work/school. I had gone into the bedroom to get changed, when I got out to the kitchen I found G already 1/2 finished with his dinner! He had scarffed down 3 cold chicken nuggets and 2 carrots in a matter of 5 minutes. So being the stellar mom that I am- I joined him on the floor until he finished. It was the quickest, easiest mealtime EVER. We had lots of time to play that night before bedtime.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Try Try Again

Why is it such hard work to get a family photo? We were at a family wedding last weekend held at a beautiful Bed and Breakfast, perfect setting for a family shot- right?

These are the best we got, on our camera at least. Perhaps some other family members caught some better shots. I do love my boys, G in his Polo and Dad lookin' cool in his button down.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Happy Anniversary

This week PJ and I Celebrated our 7th year of wedded Bliss. Gilbert stayed home with our neighbors John and Jenna (who he loves) and we headed out. First a drink at Province and then dinner at Vivo. I very nice evening indeed. Thanks to everyone sent their well wishes.

First Anniversary

Seventh Anniversary

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Summer Party

Gilbert is one of the younger kids in his class. Lots of his friends have had birthday celebrations and we have been able to attend most. The latest was at My Gym. A very fun place where the kids get to run around, tumble, and listen to fun stories (the staff at the Lincoln Park location ROCK!)
Cutie little girl is Ella, a classmate, whom I think G may be a little sweet on

I'm a LUCKY guy

This is what Gilbert announces most days lately. When asked "why are you so lucky?" "Because I get to go on LOTS of field trips!"

Indeed, Gilbert's school has been having summer camp and friday is field trip day. They have visited Whole Foods, Shedd Aquarium, Lincoln Park Zoo, and this friday is Millennium Park. And you know what is his favorite part of each and every trip...
The Bus Ride and Lunch:-)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ikea, The Follow Up

We had yet to purchase a mattress to complete Gilbert's new full sized, big boy bed. Today he was asking Kristen about the bed and wanted to put it together. She explained we didn't have a mattress.

He countered saying we did. Little Man said we have a 'brown mattress' to use. Kristen didn't understand what he was saying. Finally, Gilbert said, "We have the brown air mattress we can use." He was referring to the air mattress that we use for him on road trips (it is a twin size, fyi). Seriously.

The air mattress is kept in the basement storage of the condo building. It is not as if he saw it and then thought about it. He was problem solving on his own! What a smart little man!

Monday, August 9, 2010

A Day At Ikea

It is time for a full sized bed for Gilbert. And off to Ikea we went!

Gilbert had a blast running around and sampling all the beds! In the end, we bought a simple frame structure. The real fun came later when we went to Target and purchased Thomas the Train sheets!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Airport Puzzle

Gilbert loves airports. Gilbert loves puzzles. Kristen found an airport puzzle. SCORE!

Little Man wants to put the puzzle together everyday! I think he might have a career in aviation working for him. Besides the challenge of just putting the puzzle together he is inquisitive as to all that is going on and now knows new terms like 'jetway', 'tarmac', 'terminal', 'baggage carrier', and more.