Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ringo the Flamingo

Funny story. This past Friday we were just haning out as a family doing odds and ends. Gilbert wanted to build puzzles so we were working with him while I had music playing.

At a recent birthday party at Pump It Up, his gift bag included a rubber flamingo. Little Man has been enjoying playing with it and saying 'flamingo'.

Anyway, we were listening to '70's music when a song by Ringo Starr came on. Kristen asked the name so I said Ringo. Gilbert stood up ran into his room and brought out the flamingo thinking that is what I said. So, now his flamingo is known as Ringo, "Ringo the Flamingo."

It gets better. He was starting to tire and didn't want to finish his puzzle. I suggested Ringo could help when he deadpan said, "No, dad. Ringo doesn't have any arms." My bad!

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