Monday, July 26, 2010

The Crony Cup

In its 11th year, the Crony Cup is a Ryder Cup-like event where 12 guys get together for competitive golf. The ladies come along for the ride as well making the weekend a blast for all!

Golf during the day, dinner, drinks, and fun activities by night!

This year was particularly fun as the hosts had some great activities such as a karaoke version of American Idol and a knock off of the game show Win it in a Minute (or something like that!).

I was on the winning team - although my golf was uninspiring - so I got to drink from the Cup...literally! What fun! Already counting the days until next year's Crony Cup!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

For Those Of You That Think Gilbert Can Do No Wrong...

It all started a few weeks ago...the "I can't" and "I don't want to do that" or generally the dramatic production to get Little Man to do ANYTHING!

The whining, the crying. What fun! I'm convinced our neighbors think we beat Gilbert on a daily basis. He's fighting us at every juncture. What fun!

An independent kid, everything now requires our help and must be immediate. Gilbert has stricken patience from his vocabulary!

And I thought we were going to skirt the whole 'terribles' phase.

Monday, July 19, 2010

An Evening Out

On Saturday we experienced an all too rare night out. Kristen our former nanny was kind enough to babysit so Kristen and I headed out for a fun night!

Our neighbor was celebrating his 30th birthday in style with a bash on a rooftop deck offering the perfect opportunity to enjoy a fantastic summer night in Chicago.

It felt great to be out, have drinks, and just enjoy a fun evening with friends!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bad Influence

Not quite with your hands in the cookie jar, but close enough.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Fun at the Farm

Last week Gilbert and I had an extended vacation at my brother and sisiter-in-laws house (sorry you had to work PJ). It was so fun to see G able to run around freely and I having no worries about traffic. Gilbert and his cousin Jasper had a fun time together: plenty of trains, pool fun, and sandbox play. We look forward to many trips to Uncle Ryan's house.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Emergency Home Improvement

The window drapes in the living room were hung creativity to combat particular construction obstacles. Well, that initial solution finally gave in and I had to fix the problem. Thankfully, I had my trusted assistance by my side!

Basically, there isn't much depth behind the drywall before I hit the outer wall. Well, the short screws gave way with all the pulling on the drapes being slid open and close.

The solution? Deeper screw penetration! How do I know that would work?

Funny story. Years ago in a prior life I was chasing a roommate through the apartment. He closed and locked the door. No problem. I ran right through blowing the door and hinges off the casing. It was explosive. Scared the bejesus of my roommate who thought he was safe!

Anyway, came time to fix the door and I wasn't sure how to get the screws back into the holes I had just ripped them out of. The super shows up and without a worry on his face just used longer screws to get deeper into the wood.

I applied that lesson here. Success!

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Today was a special day. Little Man accompanied me to Golfsmith for the first time. Titleist was conducting a seminar and giving away swag. This excuse allowed me to also buy Gilbert his first real golf club...a putter.
Not sure what to expect of him in the store, he was fantastic. All morning leading up he was anxious saying, "I want to go Golfsmith!"

In the store he was a good Little Man listening to the Titleist rep and offered him a high five at the end when I took possession of my free golf balls.

Then the real fun began! In the junior section he grabbed the first putter - a perfect size - and started swinging. We moved to the putting green and it was all I had to get him off it! He was putting and yelling quite enthusiastically, "I hit the ball!" Gilbert became fixated with removing the flag to retrieve the golf balls and then collecting all the flags, shuffling them into new holes. This went on for ten minutes!

I am proud to report that back at the homestead and he's already been putting in the hallway and running around with the club overhead (as if he was carrying the Olympic torch!) with pure exuberance!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Is it ever a good idea to give kids Chocolate (sugar), Marshmellows (sugar), and Graham Crackers (lower sugar) all at the same time? YES, if you are on vacation. Gilbert and his buddies enjoyed S'mores -
REALLY ENJOYED them. Everyone was up a little later that evening, but once one of them crashed they all soon followed.

One of many FIRSTS

While on vacation Gilbert and many of his young friends were introduced to Sparklers. I personally have a slight fear of Sparklers, but did my best not to project this onto Gilbert, as you can see he enjoyed the fire.

Back from the beach

We had an Awesome trip to the beach last week. Great weather, great location, and great friends. The lake water was a bit chilly, but the kids (big and little:-) enjoyed the sand and sun.

Just a few photos, tomorrow G and I are off to Michigan to visit my brother and his family at the farm-- should be fun time, Gilbert and Jasper (his cousin) are only months apart in age and I think they will find lots of trouble to get into together.