Saturday, July 10, 2010


Today was a special day. Little Man accompanied me to Golfsmith for the first time. Titleist was conducting a seminar and giving away swag. This excuse allowed me to also buy Gilbert his first real golf club...a putter.
Not sure what to expect of him in the store, he was fantastic. All morning leading up he was anxious saying, "I want to go Golfsmith!"

In the store he was a good Little Man listening to the Titleist rep and offered him a high five at the end when I took possession of my free golf balls.

Then the real fun began! In the junior section he grabbed the first putter - a perfect size - and started swinging. We moved to the putting green and it was all I had to get him off it! He was putting and yelling quite enthusiastically, "I hit the ball!" Gilbert became fixated with removing the flag to retrieve the golf balls and then collecting all the flags, shuffling them into new holes. This went on for ten minutes!

I am proud to report that back at the homestead and he's already been putting in the hallway and running around with the club overhead (as if he was carrying the Olympic torch!) with pure exuberance!


Sarah said...

Very exciting! Watch out Tiger Woods!

Evenson Family said...

I just love cute!! He is all grown up and such a boy!!