Tuesday, March 17, 2009

In The Spirit Of The Holiday

If you have parents you know that with any clothing that is thematic, you better wear it more than once because same time next year the clothes will Gilbert is still wearing some 'Santa's Little Helper' pjs to get our worth from them!

In the spirit of St. Patty's Day, we clothed Little Man in his only shirt for the holiday on Sunday when we attended the birthday party of Kristen's godson, Tag.

The party was quite bustling, but we actually were able to get both in a single frame! Kids were running everywhere! Imagine flashing a spotlight in a dark corner and seeing cockroaches scurry about. There you go. Now, I'm not saying kids are cockroaches, but you get my drift!
Tag's parents have great birthday parties. Held at locations where kids can be kids, this year it was at an indoor soccer center an in an enclosed field, the kids can run around without the parent's having to turn on the GPS locator!

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Anonymous said...

Love the shot of the boys together! Hope Gilbert had fun, the birthday boy sure did... his dad on the other hand- wiped out!