Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Yep, we got official word late last week. Gilbert has been accepted for enrollment to the Montessori Academy of Chicago!

I was excited when I read the letter, but was a bit deflated when I read his acceptance was to start with the Fall 2009 class. But I realize my expectations were wrong. I had envisioned this to being like in AAA baseball. You are waiting for your call up to the big league and when that happens you are immediately on the team.

Misperception on my part. This is more like the NFL draft. He's been selected by the team and will join them when the new season starts.

When Kristen came home from work and I shared the good news, she was elated! And, of course, I am as well. We shared the news with Gilbert. Unfazed. I think he was more interested in watching the new construction crane he can view from his window.

Montessori look out. Here comes Little Man!


Tucker said...

Congrats!! That's wonderful. I'm sure that makes things much easier for you guys.

Sarah said...

Way to go Gilbert! That is exciting news!