Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

To celebrate, Kristen prepared us Green Eggs and Ham for breakfast. Yummy? Well, yes!

Gilbert saw the book on the table and immediately requested he be seated so he could read it! This bought us, er, Kristen time to finish breakfast. Little Man has become quite impatient in the mornings when it comes to his feeding. Just because he is sleeping in doesn't mean we still get the same amount of time in between as we did prior. He still expects to be eating at the same time. Demanding little s***!

Then after all his posturing he has the gall to flash that grin!

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Evenson Family said...

GOOD FOR YOU...so cute and fun!! I am ashamed...Fayth has tonsilitis and I have sinisitis and I didn't even KNOW it was today except Gammy called to check on us and said, Happy St. Patrick's Day!! I'm envious...and sad for Fayth...I pooped out on this one. Cute Cute Cute...would make for a great scrapbook page!!