Tuesday, March 31, 2009

No Sanctuary

I came home yesterday to learn Gilbert knows no boundaries. He had been resisting his nap and after Kristen closed his door he was right behind her having opened it!

Yes, Gilbert can now open doors. Great. We have the lever door handles not the round knobs. As a result, he can reach the handle and using his super-toddler strength get the door to 'click' signaling him to pull or push. What a smart little guy!

Yet to realize all doors can be opened, he is still opening just the door to his room. Surprisingly there are so many other doors closer to his level that Little Man has shown no interest. For example, the kitchen. Gilbert doesn't open the kitchen cabinets. Not once has he attempted to get under the sink. He'd rather struggle (and fail) to open the fridge.

We have yet to "proof" any of the doors or cabinets, but might need to now if Little Man decides to wander in the dark while we are sleeping. Oh boy!


Jody said...

A baby gate across his bedroom door works great. That's what I used for Cole when he started getting out of bed by himself

Sarah said...

I believe they have child proofing even for the lever kind of doors. Your lucky it has taken this long---Charlie will open any cabinet that he can!