Monday, March 9, 2009

Momentus Week

This past week we were witness to an explosion in what is Gilbert's development.

In the mobility section, Little Man's arms have dropped when he walks so say goodbye to Franken-Gilbert and say hello to his impression of a walking zombie. His balance and coordination have improved dramatically and he now stand up and be still without h having to be in motion. He's getting better and bending over, squatting, picking up an object and standing back up.

For eating, he's realizing he can now bite his food. That doesn't mean he still doesn't stuff it all in his mouth, just now it is done in two steps! And we've removed his tray and slid the high chair up to the table so his plate is now on the table with ours.

Kristen introduced Gilbert to washing his hands on his own and now he can deftly ascend, and more importantly, descend the step stairs to the sink. The walls and mirror are covered with water marks, but it so fun to watch a pair of little hands squish the sesame street foam soap between his digits.

In the auditory category, the kid can't stop talking. His chatter is incessant! Some of his pseudo-words we understand, some we don't. You've been witness to "blackberry" video. There are plenty more of those! We've been writing down the words we think he's saying. The list seems get longer each day!

And there are the challenges. Not happy with what is going on. Look out, he'll flop on his back and kick the air and ground wildly for a few seconds. He also has a tendency to slap or hit when he's being playful. And why the face? So, we need to work on that.

In the kitchen he screams and yells at us when he comes in and we do not immediate acquiesce to his needs or pick him up. At first, we just thought he was hungry and ready to eat or just wanted to be held because he'd quiet down when he was picked up. We have since realized he just wants to be at our level. And with good reason. When we are in the kitchen our backs will be to him and he is unable to see the counter. So, we brought out the step stool and up he went and immediately quieted down. Now we just have to address him grabbing at everything! Sunday morning was fun though. Kristen got a few extra minutes of sleep while we made breakfast. I held his hands in mind and we chopped a banana and buttered toast together. I did catch him sneaking in a few bites of the banana.

I can only imagine what will take place this week. Phew!

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