Sunday, March 8, 2009

Funny Story

I have a sense of humor, my wife would call it sarcasm. Anyway...She and Gilbert headed out for a few hours to do some errands and allow me quiet to do some job work.

She was sitting waiting for me to put on Gilbert's shoes when she asked me what the size of the shoes are. I started to look for the size (check the bottom, inside, then tongue) and her ever, always helping way was directing me how to do it as I was in the process.

Here was how the conversation played out.

"What is the size?"

"5 and a half." I said.

"In US?"

"No. Somalia." I quipped.

Gilbert laughed.

She asked if that was the size in US (you know because we often buy shoes in the UK). C'mon! The question required a sarcastic response. And Gilbert laughed.

He knows humor.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

I have to take Kristen's "side" on this! The shoes list sizes in both US and UK on the inside of the shoes!