Sunday, February 3, 2008

Visiting Big D - Day 1

Recapping our trip long weekend trip to Dallas, we (Team Johnson) departed Thursday morning. For those of you who live in the area, you know how lucky we were to get out of Chicago.

Wisely taking an early flight, we were delighted to learn the load was only 30%. However, waiting in line to check in, we were now those people as other travelers stared at us with kid and supplies in tow. The looks ranged from "Hope they aren't sitting next to me" to " What a good looking family!" (yeah right!). After fumbling with the car seat at the check-in counter we worked our way through Midway's crack security. Ever try to take your shoes off standing up with a baby strapped to your chest? You'll quickly learn how good your center of gravity is. Well, after using Gil to successfully smuggle some C4, a short sword, and my 8 (if TSA is reading this, I"m just kidding!) we grabbed a quick breakfast sandwich from Potbelly's and made our way to the gate - farther one at the airport.

We we pleasantly surprised to see a gaggle of kids with their parents and their gear in line for the preboard. So we wouldn't be the only people keeping the passangers awake! Actually, we were all able to spread out and Gil was fantastic on the plane.

But back to the weather. We were late leaving the gate, were deiced twice, the copilot had to 'visually inspect' the wings - which consisted looking out the windows on each side of the aircraft from the exit rows and then giving a 'thumbs up' to the pilot. Safety inspection, complete!

2 1/2 hours later we were in Dallas where 40 degrees felt like 80 compared to the negative temps we just departed. My sister, Carrie, picked us up and we headed to her house. There, Gil met his cousin, Maddie, for the first time and both Carrie and myself got to see our respective niece and nephew for the first time as well. Here Maddie and Gil have their first encounter where she dominated him in their first 'stare down'.

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