Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Flight Home

After a great, fun weekend in Dallas it was time to come home. Packed up, and checked in we made our way through the maze that is DFW airport security. Gil chose this precise moment to announce to the world he was hungry and demanded to be fed right there and then.

Being the cool and calm parents, we smiled and let Gil cry doing our best to be nonchalant about the fact the entire security line was staring at us. Again, I'm sure everyone was hoping they would not be on the flight with that kid!

Well, Gil showed no signs of letting up and actually responded to our inaction by turning up the volume on his discontent. We succumbed. Determined not to step out of the growing, snaking security line, Kristen pulled an emergency bottle of formula (I call them 'one-hits'). He scarfed that 2.5 oz like nothing. Luckily, it was enough to get us through the strip search and to the gate where she took Gil to a secluded area for a proper feed.

The flight home was packed solid. Oh boy and oh well, we thought. May Gil repeat his first airplane experience. It was up and down, but the flight was a quick one and we were on the ground, in the car and home before we knew. Actually, we almost got home quicker than our parents did driving from Dallas to Houston! And most importantly Gil picked up his first set of 'wings'!

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