Friday, February 15, 2008

Gilbert's 1st Valentines Day

Ah, the cottage industry that is Valentine's Day. Thank you, Hallmark!

A low key day at the Johnson abode, we dressed Gilbert in his best red shirt and with Kristen home for the day had the opportunity to take a few photos.

He's been a bit of a fuss bucket lately waking up twice a night for whatever reason. Sometimes he's hungry (or claims to be!) and other times just seems ticked off. A few times Gilbert has been so ornery, calming him down has been near impossible. We got our first dose last weekend at the Evenson's (prior post) and his 'moments' have occured at least once a day since then.

We know we're suppose to leave Gil crying in his crib so he can learn how to calm and sooth himself back to sleep. Easier said than done! Nobody likes to hear their child scream. And what seems like an eternity is actually just a few minutes. Add to that we live in a condo building, where we do have to be somewhat gracious to our neighbors. Especially at 3am.

Hopefully, it is just a phase and we'll get through it...quickly. Having been spoiled early with full night sleeps or just single feedings, this is stage is totallyinterfering with our beauty rest!

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The Mom of 'em said...

i can't even begin to tell you how much comfort/reassurance your blog brings to me! Grant (our 4 month old) is doing that waking up during the night thing (where before he was sleeping ALL NIGHT)...not napping well in the afternoon then conking out at 5 p.m....up at 3 or earlier. SUCKS! And I can TOTALLY relate to the crying it out thing - torture! But hey - if he's fed, changed, burped - the only thing left is tired, right? Your little guy is adorable. Hope you don't mind me blog-stalking - ha. I don't even remember how I stumbled on here. Anyway - sharin' your struggles/joys.