Saturday, February 16, 2008

Night Out

So, what did you do to celebrate Valentine's Day. Not one to get caught up in the trappings of the faux-iday, Kristen and I do go out for a nice dinner and evening.

This year we headed out on Friday for drinks and dinner. As for Gil, I suggested one option was to prop Gil up in front of the television with some toys and a few bottles and figured he'd be good to go for a few hours. Heck, he'd probably fall asleep shortly after we left. Kristen peferred another option. So Katie came over for the evening watch.

Our night out was quite pleasing. We started with drinks at Swirl Wine Bar followed by dinner at Aigre Doux. Swirl was full, but not packed. We had a small table in the back by the trio of musicians playing instrumental music. Quite relaxing. We enjoyed some red wine and appetizer and then headed out to our ultimate destination. Aigre Doux is a French-infused restaurant that provided a full dining experience. And it lived up to expectations. I recommend the restaurant.

Having been out a few times now, the anxiety of leaving Gilbert at home has passed. No calls home to check in, nor our conversation dominated by life at home, it truly felt like being out on a date. But like most of my dates, Kristen fell asleep on the couch the minute we got home!

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Cindy (aka Ms. Mayhem) said...

Well done. Mitch was always better and getting the kids settled down, and though I didn't breast feed, it's always easier to feed them, then to fight...and I was too damn tired to fight! Kudos~!