Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Streak

No, I'm not running around the house naked. Well, at least not at these temps!

Instead I'm referring to Gilbert. He's gone five nights in a row of sleeping all through the night. Yippee! His current streak was three, and he'd done that a few times already. What a tease. We'd start to think this was the beginning of a shift in sleeping and then - Boom! - multiple nights in a row of wanting the boob at 3am.

But, five nights. Oh yeah! We have high hopes this streak will become the new sleeping pattern. Kristen still wakes up in the night expecting Gilbert will be hungry, but the last week he has not been in need.

I'm sure, though, but writing this post I've spread bad mojo on our home and he will now revert back!


The Mom of 'em said...

jealous!! What time do you put him down for the night? Ours is zonked out at 7....can't hardly wake him a couple hours later...so he stays down and then wakes up at 3. ugh....and 5....ugh.

Has yours started cereal yet? we tried at 4 months...he didn't digest it well...gassed him up...so we quit...think it is time to try again - maybe that would help. who knows.

PJ said...

Thanks for posting!

Gil is usually out by 7/7:30 and is awake typically around 6am.

I'm ready to do the food, but will wait until our 4 month well visit coming up. Looking forward to making the food myself!