Sunday, August 2, 2009

Worst Elvis Impersonation Ever!

On the last night of the Crony Cup we partook in a river boat cruise dinner. Early in the evening someone in the group spotted another guest and alerted the group the killer from No Country for Old Men was on the boat. This guy was a dead ringer for that character!

When I got a good look at him, I told myself he might be an Elvis look alike. I didn't say anything to the group because we were having such a good time talking the guy as the murderer. Well, the boat cruise was coming to the end and the guy spinning the tunes announced we were in for a "special treat". Sure enough, this guy steps up and starts doing Elvis songs. He was awful. The whole group started snapping photos and capturing videos! I managed to get some. Not the best, though. If you have a hard time hearing him, don't worry. He wasn't singing half the words. What kind of Elvis impersonator doesn't know the words to the songs!

This guy was getting mocked during the whole performance and I don't think he had a clue!

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