Wednesday, August 26, 2009

PT Training

We had a breakthrough this morning. Gilbert made a HUGE deposit at the bank! Turns out he just needed some private time. We've been sitting in the bathroom with him to offer encouragement, but the results have always been an empty potty.

Well, this morning we asked him if he needed to go and he responded "Yeps." He then grabbed a few toys and went into the bathroom only to close the door behind him. A bit shocked, Kristen let him stay in there. A few minutes later we walked in to find him attempting to wipe after dropping the kids off at the pool. Way to go Gilbert!

Yes, daily highlights of our lives now include whether or not our son takes a dump. Sweet.


Anonymous said...

Cammy line "Momma leave me alone!" Go Gilbert!

Sarah said...

Wow! We all like to take a dump in private!