Monday, August 24, 2009

Home Renovation cont.

The painting is completed. The vanity has been added. Next up, installing the faucet. A few pair of underwear later, Gilbert is back and now my apprentice wants to get involved.

To occupy his time, I gave him my drill bit set thinking he would enjoy attempting to fit in the bits to the proper hole. I turn around and find he's put all the small bits into the big hole and the bits are now down within the casing. Great! That required unscrewing the casing to get the bits out.

Using the screwdriver is Gilbert's favorite work project. He has learned how to open my tool box (Grrr!) and also knows where I keep a spare flat head and Phillips in the desk. We'll often find him with tool in hand putting it in the door knob or attempting to unscrew his toys.


Kartik said...


It was great running into you today! I see the family is doing well too. How Mr Gilbert has grown! :)


Sarah said...

Wow! Looks like quite a project!