Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Day At The Park

On Saturday, we had breakfast out with Kristen's sister and parents. We checked out the new Orange located @Grand & Halsted. I highly recommend it! I had a bad experience the Lincoln Park location years ago, but this place had their act together!

They kindly opened the upstairs so as the first table seated, Gilbert was able to run around and look out the windows at the nearby train tracks with bated breath waiting for a Metra train (that never came!).

However, breakfast was not until 9:30 and at Casa de Johnson, we are usually up and out by 8am. So, off to the neighborhood park to run Little Man around before breakfast!

Airplanes were flying over departing O'Hare and it was like we had Tatoo from Fantasy Island (100 points for you if you get that reference) yelling, "Da Plane! De Plane!" Actually it was more like, "Aapla!" Aapla!"

The wind was blowing so Gilbert ended up with a sweet part in his hair. Nice comb over!

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