Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Computer. Well Sort Of...

Our new computer showed up last night. Our current Dell model has been a workhorse, but is going on six years old. The mare just can't pull the wagon anymore.

Well, with any tech purchase, it is never as easy as it seems. Forget the debacle with FedEx in getting the damn thing delivered (will not bother you with the details). Remember that feeling as a kid when you would get a cool gift and after all the anticipation of assembling it you learn that it needs batteries and there are none in the house? Well, I had a similar experience.
I already have a wireless network so I did not opt for the 'package' from Dell. So, I disassemble the wireless card from the old box, open up the new tower only to learn that the card does not fit. C'mon!

I call Dell (and after 1/2 hour of being bounced around by tech support in Mumbai) to learn that with this model the wireless card is OEM and must be purchased by Dell. Son of a B*****! The sales person didn't tell me that on the phone. Oh yeah, did I mention I drove to Best Buy first to see if they carried the special card. Priceless.

Defeated for the night, I hooked back up the old computer and put away the shiny new one and now have to wait for the needed part. I'm going to call Dell right now and will push sternly to get the bundled price and free shipping. Stay tuned.

Oh yeah, Gilbert loved playing in the shipping box.

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