Monday, August 3, 2009

A Day At The Races

Our friends Adventures in Dubai are back in Chicago visiting family and friends. They organized a gathering at Arlington Park so a large group could gather at once. Sunday was a beautiful afternoon for it!

We gathered early to gain prime real estate in the grandstand. Down by the fence, the kids could run around while the parents were able to have conversations while still keeping the kiddies under a watchful eye. What was real fun is when a race was going on the fence would line up with people and we could get the kids on the fence to be up close and personal with the horses. What a lot of fun!

For Gilbert he enjoyed watching the John Deere equipment go back and forth combing the track or the utility vehicles carting people and supplies around as well. Through in a few airplanes flying over going to and from O'Hare and Little Man was in little man heaven. That and I kept finding him raiding the food stocks we all brought to share. I lost track on the number of crackers he ate after dipping them in hummus. He loves to dip!

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