Friday, August 14, 2009

Golf Clap

The television is rarely on in our home when Gilbert is in the room. However, I do make an exception for golf. The vibrant green color attracts Gilbert and I feel somewhat at ease knowing the action is slow moving (perhaps why adults get bored watching it!).

Well, last night Kristen was at the movies so Dad was in charge for the evening. Thursday started the first day of the last major of the year. Be damned if I was going to miss it. Little Man and I were doing all kinds of activities while golf was on in the background. At some point, a golfer made a great shot or holed a long putt and the crowd erupted in a thunderous applause. Gilbert heard it and decided to participate.

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Sarah said...

I think quality TV like that is just fine. Sully learned many of his letters watching Wheel of Fortune.