Monday, August 24, 2009

Home Renovation - Day 1

Kristen wanted to update the guest bath. It was just bland. So, we conducted our own version of Design on a Dime! We lacked any storage and the walls were bare. The goal was to paint, replace the pedestal sink with a full vanity and add some art to the walls. Here is where we started from.

Of course, no home project is as ever easy as planned! I ripped out the sink to find that the wall behind it was ripped out requiring me to patch it. So, first I painted the room sans the patch area.

Oh yeah, you might notice the lid to the toiler bowl is missing. I cracked it taking it off to paint behind the bowl. Thank you very much!

When it came time to patch and sand, my little apprentice was there to help. He loved the electric sander! We would stand behind me and lean it to confirm the quality of my work and then point at the area I was working on. Lots of fun. And you also might notice Little Man is pants-less. Well, we started potty training this weekend as well. Never a dull moment at Casa de Johnson!
Lastly, the t-shirt is PJ's official paint shirt. It has paint on it dating all the way back to college. In fact the shirt is 19 years old!

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