Monday, August 17, 2009

Air & Water Show

This past weekend was the Chicago Air & Water Show. Kristen likes to go so we decided it was time to introduce Gilbert to the event. Besides, the way he talks about airplanes and helicopters, we thought he would really enjoy it!

The show started at 10am, but we figured getting there early was a prudent thing to do. After visiting a local farmers' market, we parked the car near the main bus route and rode public trans all the way to the beach. We offloaded at the beach and all we can see are people. It was hard to tell if a beach even existed! The place was packed. We did manage to secure a nice location close to the action and near the water so Gilbert could go and play at its edge.
He was getting restless waiting for the good stuff after playing in the sand had worn off(the first 1/2 was the water show and we could not see it) when all of a sudden a jet ripped over the top of the crowd. I thought the loud noise for sure would set Little Man off, but he was unfazed. Instead he was mesmerized watching the jet go back and forth. Victory!

Our friend Eric and his lady friend Jen came down to watch as well. Gilbert immediately became shy and hunkered down between me and Kristen. So, for the next two hours we watched the planes and helicopters do their stuff. Starting to fade, we packed up and headed back to the car. By the time we reached the bus, Little Man could barely keep his eyes opened and fell asleep on the bus!

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