Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Sunday was spent at Grandma and Grandpa house with Aunt Katie too. I thought it was Memorial Day, but it definitely felt like Labor Day!

I helped my father-in-law get the pool ready. That entailed cleaning off the pool cover which had a decaying swamp of decomposing leaves, tree branches, and other 'stuff' from the winter. And from there I had cover cleaning duty. Then we pulled out the patio furniture, cleaned the garage and disassembled the table in the sunroom. What a way to spend the holiday! But seriously, it felt really good to do some manual labor after being tethered to my desk all week! The sun was out, had a good sweat going and it made the cold beer taste that much better!

The whole famiy was pitching in to help. Even Gilbert!

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Sarah said...

What a hard worker! When can Gilbert come clean at my house?