Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Recap

We spent the holiday weekend with family. First stop...Gilbert's cousin's house. Jasper turns 1 so the time had arrived for his first birthday party. The weather was awesome on Saturday. Cold-ish in Chicago, the Ann Arbor area was quite warm and sunny. Loved it. We spent the day outside at their farmhouse where we had picnicked!

When you see Jasper and Gilbert together the differences are evident. The funny thing is that they will be in the same class growing up with Gilbert being one of the older kids and Jasper being one of the youngest.

We also joke that the two of them will be, City Boy, Country Boy. Gilbert will visit to get his dose of outdoor life while Jasper comes to Chi-town to see buildings taller than three stories!

But what matters is they have fun together. Both are quite inquisitive around each other, wanting to touch, point, and sometimes push!

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Sarah said...

It's so fun to have cousins close in age and not TOO far away!