Sunday, May 3, 2009


I posted before how Gilbert started coming into our room at night. His nightly walkabouts have continued. Use to be he'd wake up crying and then head in. Now, when he just wakes up - to him - that is good enough reason to trek it over to our room.

We are not open bed people. Gilbert has his bed, we have ours. Besides, Little Man is a pain in the butt to sleep with. He snores (thanks to all those stuffy noses!), rolls around, and likes to have 'contact' with either me or Kristen. The result? Neither of us sleep well.

But I have the solution! Since our doors are not knobs, we had to do some special shopping to locate a door lock for handle-style door knobs. So, while Kristen was out visiting some art galleries, I took to installing the door latch!

With Gilbert as my trusty helper/disruptor, an hour later I had the lock on. Would have been done in less time if 1) I hadn't installed the latch on the wrong side of the door, 2) Gilbert didn't insist being in my lap or between me and the door at all times, and 3) when he wasn't was thirsty, hungry or just getting into other mischief. It was like he knew what was doing.

Fun story, though. I had just removed the handles by popping them off with the screwdriver. While I was reading the instructions, Gilbert picked up the screwdriver and was mimicking me as he attempted to put the tool into the door. These little people are pure sponge!

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Kartik said...


Just checked in on the blog after a long, long time, and its good to see that things are going well with you. The little one sure has grown up fast! :)