Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Little Man's Big Boy Table

At school everything is little people size. When it comes time to east at home, Gilbert runs to his yellow chair, sits in it and waits for his food to come to the coffee table. Realizing this was not a good habit and wanting to avoid the high chair, Kristen went to IKEA and purchased Little Man his own table and chairs. We keep it next to the adult table and it works out great!

He sits at the table and will eat and drink in a relatively orderly manner! We often will sit on the floor next to the table to eat our breakfast or just to keep him company. He loves it!
He will also play - if not for very long! - at the table working on his 'project'!

1 comment:

Evenson Family said...

It's a great table for the money...We have it as well...however; there is crayon, marker, snot, paint, playdoe, etc...engrained in it...But who cares right, if they sit and play...then you've hit the jackpot!!