Friday, May 1, 2009

18 Month Stats

Gilbert had his 18 month well visit. Good timing too as we need to have a well visit done prior to his start at Montessori Academy of Chicago.

I was unable to go to this visit, but all the stats were good and consistent with his past. Weight was approximately 27 lbs (70th percentile); Height at 33 inches (70th percentile); and of course his head is still 95th percentile +!

The best part of the visit was no tears. He took two shots to the arm and Kristen said not even a slight lip quiver appeared. Little Man is becoming a big boy!

The appointment was at the end of the day and the doctor's office is close to my work so they drove by the office and picked up me. Gilbert was feel asleep almost immediately!

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Sarah said...

Great stats Gilbert! We miss you guys! Hopefully we'll see you at open gym soon.