Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Saturday...Part 2

Come lunchtime Gilbert was an exhausted Little Man. We didn't expect to get him to nap considering all the activity, but Gilbert was clearly tired. I went for a run in the countryside (quite nice!) and when I came back to the house, this is what I found on the bed.

After waking from his nap, it was back outside for more fun. Many beers had been consumed so Little Man entertained himself by loading the empties into a six-pack carry case (along with his sippy!) and walking around. Parched from his efforts, he decided to partake himself!

Besides, at school the kids have to drink from cups so I thought why not teach Gilbert how to drink from a bottle. Beer bottle!

Then, nothing says I'm in the country like slogging down some brew and getting behind the wheel. The wheel of a riding lawnmower! Little Man was treated to a spin around the yard with his Uncle Ryan!

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