Friday, May 1, 2009

Gilbert's New Kicks

Last Friday Gilbert visited the podiatrist. Yes, the podiatrist. When he walks his toes point out severely and we noticed his ankles roll in as well. Attributed, probably, to his scooting we thought it best just to check him out and see if there was something we should be doing.

Relieved, the doc said kids feet change substantially in their first 2 1/2 years so no need for orthotics or a brace. It was recognized that his feet are relatively flat and that he is indeed rolling his ankles inward.

It was recommended we start fitting Little Man in well built shoes. Stride Rite was not mentioned. Nope, New Balance was the shoe of choice. My immediate response was "Duh!" New Balance was founded as an arch support company and then developed into a specialized shoe manufacturer. We now own stock in the company. Well not stock in terms of company ownership, but stock in terms of shoes! I foresee building quite an inventory of NB shoes in the next few years!

If interested, the selection of shoes for kids is quite impressive. Check it out. And I was pleasantly surprised the cost of the shoes were not higher!

Here Gilbert is pictured in his new kicks next to his current favorite household item the "Acuuumae".


Jody said...

Oh Lord - I wonder if he's gonna have the same obsession with vacuums that Cole did. We had every toy vacuum made and he would watch the instructional videos that come with vacuums these days. I knew I should have saved all of Cole's.

Ms. Mayhem said...

Very interesting information.

Rebecca said...

Good to hear New Balance is the shoe of choice.