Thursday, May 7, 2009

So Sad

Today was Kristen the Nanny's last official day. Yes, she will be around babysitting for Little Man, but with 'school' officially starting on Monday, Gilbert's day care is now being shifted. Unfortunately, I was gone to work before she arrived, but instead of taking Gilbert to school for further transitioning, we thought it important for the two of them to have as full of a day as possible.

Kristen is family. She's been with us since Little Man, was, well, truly little. And he loves her dearly. I know he will be so excited to see her when she does babysit. Play dates will definitely need to be arranged.

So, before the water works began at the end of the day (I'm just guessing since I wasn't home in time either to say thank you), a photo with both was attempted. Gilbert was not accommodating!


Rebecca said...

We liked Kristen too. She always had a smile for O!

Sarah said...

She is an awesome nanny! It's nice that she's be able to still do some sitting for you!