Sunday, May 17, 2009

Modern Art

The Art Institute opened to the public its new Modern Art wing. Saturday was free admission so Team Johnson (along with the rest of Chicago!) decided to go check it out! From the building where I work, I look south across Millennium Park and the institute so I've been watching the wing being constructed for so time. Additionally, a ped bridge has been built connecting the park patrons to the museum removing foot traffic from having to cross the street. Very cool.

Saturday was gorgeous in the City.And the park and institute was bustling with life! We walked through the park - witness to thousands walking as well and relaxing on the grass of the open air theatre - on our way to the institute via the bridge. A stage had been set up and we could hear live choir music from a few blocks away. Target was sponsoring the free day so the Target Bullseye was everywhere! All of the staff at the institute were donning red fleece vests with the logo as well. The company went all out to promote the day!

The new wing was interesting. We enjoyed studying the architecture of the new building as much if not more than the modern art itself. Gilbert was tethered in his stroller and after awhile he started squawking wanting to get out and roam - not viable considering all the people - so our tour was short. Out of building we let him loose and he wasted no time exploring as he led us back to the park.

Oh yeah, in the spirit of modern art, I submit this photo for consideration. I title it Man Does Tricks for Food.

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Sarah said...

What a great way to enjoy the beautiful day!