Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving With Family

Thanksgiving this year was spent in MI at Kristen's brother's house. Ryan and his wife Shannon bought an old farmhouse (and are doing a magnificent job updating the home) on 50 acres near Ann Arbor.

For the festivities, Kristen's mom was there along with one of her aunt/uncle and their son (Kristen's cousin) were also in attendance. Just in time, their beautiful dining table (made of reclaimed barn wood) arrived. As you can see the table and the house scream family festivities!

The dinner was fantastic! Two turkeys were prepared, three types of stuffing, and all the usual accompaniments that make this holiday by far my favorite. Wine and beer flowed freely and everyone had a wonderful times. Selfishly, we were able to relax for the meal as Gilbert was taking a late afternoon nap! He awoke shortly after we finished so he too had a Thanksgiving dinner with all!

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