Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I've always wondered if there is developmental value for Gilbert (and his P's) to learn sign language. A few weeks ago while waiting for his doctor's appointment I observed a mom and child doing sign. The child was giving the sign for 'more'.

It was an easy sign so I thought I'd experiment with Gilbert. Every morning while I'm making my protein shake I keep some banana for Gilbert. When the blender turns on he knows banana is coming. Very Pavlovian. Well, I started giving the sign and saying "more". Success was mild.

Well, last night Kristen was feeding Gilbert dinner and she noticed how when he was ready for more food he'd use the more sign. Success!

I just might have to buy a book on sign language to see what else we can use to augment his communication skills!

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Rebecca said...

"more" is Olivia's favorite sign. We also do "all done",and "please", Welcome to the club!