Monday, November 24, 2008

Bears Win!

Gilbert was riveted by the the way the Bears played on Sunday against the Rams. He's been witness to their up and down season and was simply elated at their play today.

Here he celebrates Matt Forte's touchdown knowing that meant points for Dad's fantasy football team!


jenn said...

I am a Bears fan, I am a Packers fan. But, I do have Matt Forte on my fantasy team and loved all 30 points that he earned me last night. If it wasn't for my Buccaneers defense, he would have for sure been my MVP for the week!

By the way, so happy you are back in action with a new camera. It's so fun to hear and see how Gilbert is growing up. He's going to steal quite a few little girl's hearts, I'm sure!

Jenn said...

**Meant to say...

I am NOT a Bears fan, I am a Packers fan.