Thursday, November 29, 2007

Big News!

This post is a few days tardy, my apologies, but the news is awesome! My brother-in-law (Kristen's brother for those of you that are family tree challenged) and his wife are expecting their first child!

We found out the great news last weekend during a family dinner. Celebrating Dave's 60th birthday, Ryan and his wife (Shannon) announced the news. Fantastic! Their due date is early June and the timing is perfect as they are renovating an old home on 5 acres of land outside of Ann Arbor testing Ryan's do-it-yourself homebuilding skills.

The whole family is incredibly excited. In less than a year, Dave and Kathy went from thinking there would be no grand kids to having two! And of course, Katie will be an aunt twice over. The question remains though, will she have a niece to go with the nephew!

The dinner was fantastic and took place at the restaurant of Tabor Hill - a notable Michigan winery. There was plenty of food to pass around, but Gilbert was the item of choice! Here are some pictures from birthday dinner.

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