Sunday, November 25, 2007

Mr. Bright Eyes

That is the term Kristen has coined for Gil when he's perfectly content with just 'being'. What baby doesn't enjoy the cuddly warmth of parents, family, and friends. But sometimes, he enjoys his 'Gil time'. I know so because he told me. Well, it was more of a telepathic connection, but now we're just talking semantics!

Regardless, I find it near impossible not to be engaged with him during every waking moment - his or mine! I'm in charge of bathing the little guy - or at least when I'm home - and this is our best time together. After the good bath, I wrap him up naked (his request) and we just 'hang'.

Included in this post are some of those moments.

Awesome, I must say. Just awesome.

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Mindi said...

Oh, good Lord, those are some sweet sweet sweet pictures!