Sunday, December 2, 2007


Now when you hear this term, you immediately think "Bed & Breakfast". Well, for Gil that's "Boob & Bath". Not a bad consolation, I say! When we are both at home, we split "B" duties. Obviously, I'm in charge of the bath! It is pure enjoyment for both of us!

The routine goes like this...Strip him down, fresh diaper, followed by a good feeding. I prepare the bath. Handoff from Mom, give him those awful vitamins (with iron) via a dropper and then strip him down to his birthday suit and it is bath time. And there you have our version of "B&B".

This weekend marked his first real bath. No 'birdie baths' for this guy. We filled up the sink and dunked him head first. Okay, so he actually went in butt first. He loved it!

Gil has enjoyed bathing from the beginning. We think he gets that from his dad as it allows him to be 'free'. No gold bond for him though!

After the bath Gil gets his much appreciated 'naked time'. Just him and a supersoft bath towel. Pure joy, but of course and it registers on his face. Such tranquility after a good bath, no?

Here are a few more photos from his latest "B&B".

That relaxation quickly transitions into animation and he's always good for some excellent photos. Here he gives his patented "power to the people" pose.

Pre-bath. First of the B's. He's wondering, "Wasn't there a nipple in my mouth just a second ago?

Staring intently at Kristen and his food source, he must be thinking..."You gonna feed me or what?"


Cindy said...

He is starting lose his "newborn" look. How quickly it fades. He's adorable.

Mindi said...

Glad you didn't include pictures of the other "B"!!!