Friday, December 7, 2007

The House That Goose Built

Friday has been a fun day. My office is being painted, so displaced I've been working from home. Probably helpful, since my latest proposal has involved one of our Germany offices resulting in a shift in my work hours.

Come Friday afternoon, the work was done so Team Johnson headed out for some holiday shopping. Gil and I dropped off Kristen at her doctor's for her post-delivery follow up. All is good and she got the green light to begin working out again and perhaps have some 'relations'. Yippee!

Gil was a trooper. He slept through most of his first shopping experience - lucky him - while I had the joy of bearing witness to Kristen shop for a new winter coat! But seriously, she is quite expeditious when it comes to shopping. Especially when its a one day sale! We headed home after lunch, sans Kristen who continued on shopping and then proceeded to get herself a new haircut.

But the highlight of the day was visiting our friend Nancy. Nancy is my Goose Island connection. Kristen met her through a mutual friend, provided some interior design services and they've been friends ever since. Because of Nancy, I've been fortunate enough to attend some kickin' Goose Island events. But seriously, Nancy is a good friend and we enjoy visiting her.

Nancy likes art. And she has a lot of it. Well, someone has to hang all that art. And that someone is me. When Kristen was working with Nancy originally, she devised a 'wall of art' for her. It was a collage of about 10-15 art pieces arranged in a square on a wall around her television cabinet. Kristen required the best of the art hanging contractors around to complete this difficult task. After calling around and not being able to locate anyone, I got the nod.

My compensation for toiling over the 'wall of art'? Goose Island beer!

Fast forward. Nancy just returned from what was a fabulous vacation in France and Belgium. She bought art in Paris and drank beer in Belgium. Not a bad trip. Armed with all this 'new' art, we headed over so Kristen could revel in it and then order me around as to where to hang it! I must admit, some of the art was pretty cool. You should see her condo, it is covered in art and there is still more yet to be hung!

After a few hours of work, I'm happy to admit I'm now two cases of beer richer. And one of the cases is a special limited bottling commemorating Goose Island's 3000th beer run. Congrats to the Goose!

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