Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Lawrence Family Christmas

Saturday was an early morning. Kristen the drill sergant had me pack the car the night before in preparation for our dawn raid on Michigan. After Gil's 6am feeding, we headed out in order to make lunch and see everyone at the Lawrence family Christmas.

Dave is one of five siblings; all married and with kids. As a result, the Lawrence family has grown to be quite large. The youngest of Kristen's cousins are upperclassmen in high school so it has been some time since a baby has been in the family.
Additionally, Gil is the first great grandchild bringing together four generations of Lawrences. Pretty cool, huh? A generation picture is to the right (Lynn, Dave, Gil, Kristen, and Phyllis). With multiple cameras snapping, getting everyone to look in the same direction and Gil smiling was all but an impossible task.

The day itself was its typical good time. A big family dinner followed by a Chinese gift exchange accompanied by the usual wrapping paper ball fights! Throughout it all, Gil was a tropper. He was definitely handled by a lot of family members, but provided his best smiles, a few cries, and a nap when he was done being social and a few 'steamers' along the way. Then again, Kristen had Mexican the night before that might have contributed!

Here's Kristen with her grandparents - Lynn and Phyllis. However, the day was also special, as the siblings surprised Phyllis with a birthday cake for her 80th birthday (January 1st).

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