Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Things Fall Apart

I read a book in college with the same title. Good book, but has nothing to do with this post.

Where do I begin. Hmmm. First, Kristen's coffee pot started to malfunction and now only consumes 1/2 the water she puts in it. Having never drank coffee in my life, I didn't see this as an inconvenience, but being around a non-caffeinated wife, not good.

Then the remote control to the stereo receiver stopped emitting a signal. Trust me, I've changed the batteries multiple times. I've lost count how often Kristen has chided me for the volume being too loud. I keep explaining too her, "It is just the commercials!"

Then my blender broke. No problem. I have two (one for protein shakes, the other for food). It lasted about a week. Now Gilbert goes into the kitchen every morning and proclaims, "Shake broken!"

I've already posted on the DirecTV debacle, so add a broken DVR to the list. What's next? My electric toothbrush head basically disintegrated (easy fix, but disintegrated, really?). Oh yeah, then there is the closest door in the master bedroom. It was a crappy developer-grade door. Note the tense...was. After countless repairs and patch jobs, it came off track permanently last night.

And to top it off, Kristen is convinced the clothes dryer is not heating at the same temp it was, say, last week. Okay, I took off the panel looking for the fuses, but couldn't find them. Yeah, they are probably on the back of the stackable unit wedged into the fitted space. How the hell am I suppose to get back there? The install guy had to climb out over the top just to get it in.


Okay. Okay. Just small stuff, I know. But it all adds up! I now expect on a daily basis something I own to snap, break, tear, rip, leak, crumble in my bare hands, explode, or just be non-response (not counting the wife!).

I think I just need a hug. Any offers?

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Janet said...

Patrick: You may already have the book but Whit and Jen loved to have it read to them when they were little. It's called Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. Sounds like you've been having one of those days. Gilbert is getting so big and handsome. Take care. Janet